Oct 4, 2009

Re: Labeling your Posts

Hi everyone!

It has recently come to my attention that Blogger imposes a labeling cap on blogs hosted with them. How did I come upon this information you might ask? Well, the cap is 2000 and we just hit it. Therefore I'm going to be cleaning house with regards to labels in the very near future and would ask that you limit the labels you add to your posts in the future to just your name and the name of the SFG Challenge if your entry qualifies. This should help a great deal!

I appreciate your help in keeping things running smoothly and look forward to your continued enthusiastic participation!

Thanks all, and have a great weekend!


1 comment:

Jeff said...

Well it seems that we're not the only blog to be suffering the fate of a new change to blogger tactics. I'm hoping that this is something that will be worked out soon.