Dec 7, 2009

Bryan - Paper Foldables

Hello, I am Bryan. I design and illustrate papercraft toys at my website that you can download, print and assemble. I have been doing this for about 03 years now and am developing it into a fun little business. I have been commissioned to produce Paper Foldables for: 2K Games, Adult Swim, Capcom, IFC Channel, Interscope Records, and various other independent clients. I am a graduate of School of Visual Arts in NYC and have been working as an illustrator/animator for the last decade. Thanks for having me in this exclusive Sugar Frosted group! I am looking forward to posting some Paper Foldable updates and various other illustrations!

Why not start your Paper Foldable collection with this Atari 2600 Business Card Holder!

I also have a blog site where I post news updates and behind-the-scenes Paper Foldables art:

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jim bradshaw said...

Welcome Bryan. That yellow headed paper guy up top is fun.