Jan 4, 2010

The Final Universal Battle! (マスターズ/超空の覇者)

This is my contribution for Gallery 1988's "Under the Influence: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe show. I'm very excited and honored to be part of such an epic show, premiering Friday, January 8th in LA.

He-man and the masters are a big part of my childhood and have influenced me to this very day. From the original Filmation series, the toys, the 1987 live action film, to the 2002 animated series . A big thanks to Lou Scheimer and Mattel for creating this universe in the first place!

In my illustration I decided to finally conclude the epic struggle between He-man & Skeletor. Here's hoping that Bravestarr will get some spotlight in the near future as well. Hope you like and may the power of Castle Grayskull be with you!


Tim Baron said...

Congratulations, great illustration and how exciting it must be to be a part of this. I'm a big MOTU nerd from way back as well.

Truley a great mythos.

Gyula Nemeth said...

I loved the thing when I was a kid.. I had the skeletor figure. Nice work!!!!

Arwassa said...

Really funny, congrats for the show!

sketched out said...

Wow, great, the final battle!! I used to buy He-Man stuff for my nephews, hee hee. Congrats!