Dec 5, 2009

New member saying hi

Hello to all at SFG. I am an illustrator (and a sports injury therapist to boot!) working on the Island of Anglesey in North Wales, UK.

I have two professional identities for the illustration work I have done up till now. These are as Phil Brown and my pseudonym P. Joliffe. As Phil brown I have worked for many clients in the UK and some in the US: Vodafone, Capital One and Lexus, as well as The Guardian, MacUser and other publications.

My pseudonym work is alot different and really started as a reaction to my pen and ink stuff (I got really bored and tired of working this way), so I started doing more cartoony, character based stuff, using this pseudonym for clients like Eddge magazine and Sherry Fitzpatrick properties.

At the moment, I am in a transitory stage with my creative stuff and as such am spending more time on my blog, playing with different approaches and sharing techniques and process (love doing this as I used to be a lecturer in Graphic Design).

I make my main living at the moment as a sports masseur (I retrained a couple years back) but the illustration and drawing won't go away and a new portfolio is in the works!

Phil Brown Illustration work
Good Infection Ltd - Pseudonym work

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