Dec 4, 2009

Oscar joins Sugar Frosted Goodness

Hi everyone,

My name is Oscar Armelles, I am a Spanish illustrator living in London with my beautiful Irish wife and her cat for the past 10 years (must be the weather).

My work is mainly digital, photoshop and illustrator - although I am teaching myself Cinema 4D (taking me a while I must admit) so you might see a bit of 3D and animation here and there coming from me. I love doing characters, the weirder the better, they all start on my moleskine and slowly come alive on the computer.

Here is a link to my website

All the best,



Sparky Firepants said...

Oscar, welcome.

I love the humor here – I got it even from the smaller image.

I also like your layout. The space at the top and the blank but textured back wall are nicely done.

It's got an Edward Hopper feel to it. Awesome.

Oscar said...

Thanks Sparky, really appreciate the comment :)

jim bradshaw said...

Welcome Oscar. Nice look to this.

Oscar said...

Thanks Jim :)