Dec 6, 2009

Hi you all and Happy Hanuka!

Hello everybody,
My name is Moshik Gulst and I'm an illustrator and comics artist from Jerusalem, Israel.
You can find my works in Israel's leading newspaper, various children magazinesand ad agencies.
I mainly work with pen and ink and sometimes try to combine different techniques (oil, colored penciles) when the deadline allows me to :)
Lately I also try to combine graphic ornaments with freestyle real life painting.

You are welcome to visit me at

It's Hanuka this week in Israel and the jewish world so I've attached this cover I did for the Hanuka edition of Israeli children magazine I work for.
It celebrates an ancient victory over the greeks so this is the main theme, hope you like it.


Ian Summers said...

Stunning work. I love the pattern at the bottom.

johann said...

great atmospheric feel. Good composition...overall really nice.

David Habben said...

Great piece. I especially enjoyed the portraits on your website.