Feb 18, 2010


When is a drawing finished? I'm an artist that has to prove how good I am every time I put my pen to the paper. Draw every brick. Make sure I got every leaf. Is that a gum wrapper in the distance? Make sure it's in the sketch. At some point or another during one of my drawing marathons, a sketch starts to look pretty good. I often wonder, what if I just stopped now. This is pretty good as it is. I never stop though. I have a vision in my head of what something should eventually look like and I forge ahead. Drawing every blade of grass. The other day I was sketching with a pencil. Something I never do. The sketch was half done when I got called into a meeting. When I got back I thought it looked really good unfinished. Done. Just like that I played God and declared it "finished." The ability to say stop at some point is something I could work on a bit. I won't, but at least I wrote a blog post about it.

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