Feb 15, 2010

Korean Girls

When I think of the greatest looking girls in the world, I must admit Korea was not on my radar. It wasn't until I ran into my wife that I started to notice Korean women. I've been to Italy, Spain, Prague, South Africa, Paris and Australia. Some of the hottest girls on the planet come from these joints. The only other great place that produces supermodels is Brazil. Never been there. I guess you can throw in Russia too. So I was quite shocked to see what was walking down the streets of Seoul. And I don't mean an occasional girl or two. I'm talking ninety percent of every girl on the street is amazing. What the hell is in that kimchi? Plus they dress better than girls in almost all other countries. It must be some secret supermodel society I've uncovered. If I was a model agent I'd be on a plane there tomorrow. You could start a model agency by just standing on the street and stopping the first twenty girls you see. Job done. If anyone is looking for an interesting place to visit. Look no further.


Jeff said...

Welcome back Mr. Kane...love these journal entries. Have missed them.

Nick Ramos said...

Nice pic! I love the hair!