Feb 25, 2010

Monsters In Real Places

There is a groovy new blog called, Monsters in real places. Artists use a photo that they've taken and insert a monster into the scene. Then they write a little blurb about it. This is my submission. Some of them are very clever. My blurb is as follows: "Most tourists to New York City have seen the giant aggressive squirrel. He likes to shake down people in cars as they cross the bridges into Brooklyn. Mostly he is looking to steal pistachio nuts and graham crackers. Mayor Bloomberg has been pretty much hands off." I got an email back from the guy in charge of the blog when I submitted my piece. "Tommy,
I must say - your contribution has definitely been my personal favorite of today's. Great work, I love the cute little sinister fellow. I'd love to see more contributions from you, great style - love the line work on some of your blog pieces. Best, Wayne Thayer."

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Giant Squirrels with pistols, are the very reason I don't visit Dumbo much anymore...