Feb 22, 2010


I came across a cool thing on the web. Cool for artists anyway. It's a site called posemaniacs. You can activate a window where anatomically correct 3D men and women strike a different pose for 30 seconds. I've never been a life drawing class guy. This was fun because I could do it at my desk for a bit. I didn't have to really look at some naked old dude. Anyone whose gone to life drawing classes knows what I'm talking about. The cool thing is that some of the poses are from underneath, as if the person was standing on glass. It also got creepy at times. It would be as if some dude was squatting over me with his junk hanging in my face. I usually waited out those 30 seconds. There is also a free iphone app for posemaniac too. This way you can have a naked dude squat over you wherever you are. There are a total of 19,440 poses in total.

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Its a pretty cool Site, But I think I'll keep going to figure drawing sessions on the side..

Gotta practice practice practice..