Mar 4, 2010

FLIPPER Goodbye Galaxy Games

I was hired by Hugo Smits at Goodbye Galaxy Games to create a Paper Foldable promoting their new DSiWare video game, FLIPPER! I came up with this playset scene foldable that's based on the actual game layout screens, which are old skool style isometric pixel renderings. The object of the game is to rescue your goldfish by figuring out a way to get to it by eluding enemies and altering the environment using power-ups! Here's an inspiring interview with Hugo Smits, who designed the game all by himself:

There is currently a contest where all you have to do is make the FLIPPER Paper Foldable and take a picture of it for a chance to win 2000 Wii points! Contest ends March 20th:

Make the FLIPPER Paper Foldable here:

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