Mar 29, 2010


Last year I had the privilege of working for Peter Gonzalez and Crown of Life Jr. comics, on his comic book semi adaptation of Noah. It was a great experience and Peter has become one of my all time favorite Clients. He has such a humble heart and is very understanding and willing to let me be me, when it comes to expressing myself through the art. Working on Noah was simply fun, as well as an opportunity to work on another Christian based project.

One of the duties I had was to create the look of the main characters. Among them, a little precious cute girl named Priscilla. She was not only fun to design, but to draw.
This year, I was happy to receive the news that Peter was working on a comic based on the adventures of the little giant of a girl, which would be titled Priscilla.

Also exciting was the news that my fellow Crashland Studio mate and all time best bud, Jamie Cosley, would be drawing the interior art for the comic.

Peter came to me with 3 new assignments.

1. Design the master head for the comic

2. illustrate the cover for the first issue and

3. Design the look and layout for the comic.

Of which I happily took on. Today, I received my copy of Priscilla in the mail and it looks beautiful.

Thanks for letting me work on this assignment Peter!

If you'd like to get a copy or two, you can order right here!

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