Mar 8, 2010

Who's The Master: Leroy Green

Growing up I had allot of movies I loved and watched over and over again. One of those movies was The Last Dragon. I remember when this movie came out in the Theaters and I went to watch it, by myself, for the first time. I remember that night, sitting in the Theater just a few blocks away from my building in Brooklyn New York, like it was yesterday. From the beginning to the end, I was  amazed by The Last Dragon and it's quirky off beat characters. From Leroy to Sho'Nuff. It was a feats for my eyes. That day, I watched the movie twice! Yeah, I was a bored kid. lol.

My new series is going to be based on favorite movies from my Childhood. Some of them will be straight forward interpretations, while others will be my version of the characters.

This was done completely in digital from pencil sketch to finished pixel inks in Sketchbook pro and Manga Studio EX 4.

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