Apr 10, 2010

Hi guys,
These are the first four pages of art from Volume 6 of art for my graphic novel. Each Volume opens with a nightmare sequence and then goes back into the story. The nightmares symbolize what is happening internally to one of the main characters. They change as the story changes. That's about all I can give away of the story at this point. I hope to have it finished by the end of this year. I've been working on it now for two years..
You can see more on my blog:
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מושיק גולסט Moshik Gulst said...

Now that is really really good stuff!

HabbenINK said...
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HabbenINK said...

Great line work and storytelling, very cool.

Mike said...

Hey thanks you guys! I've got over 300 pages of art ready for the book. I'll post more closer to the time when I'll be publishing it.