May 21, 2010

The Man Who Draws Buns

He steadies the little hardbound book on his leg, putting pencil to paper on a page between the next and last—naturally.

Squinting, he continues, drawing anything that comes to mind. Partridges in profile, a disheveled rake in platform shoes, and of course, buns—many, many naked buns: The buns of fantastically stubby, balding men whose walking-on-air leaps of joy so perfectly showcase a certain golden doughy confidence, the viewer's given no choice but to share in at least a bit of what they have... by the pound, after pound—fancy, fancy freedom.

So jump, my gelatinous friends! Jump!

[To view Bryant's buns, click here.]


Rico said...

Brilliant drawing! ... funny idea. too.

Owen Schumacher said...

Thanks so much!

Jessica Fortner said...

I love your style! Great illustration and fun idea! :) Thanks for sharing!