May 6, 2010

Wonder, Wonder, Wonder Woman

Drawing in a simplified style and making use of as few lines as possible to get your subject matter across is very hard. And I LOVE to do it. So when I saw that today's sketch challenge was based on Wonder Woman, I opted to try my hand at drawing her in a simple cartoon style. Granted, I only worked on a bust (I only have 30 minutes tops in which to complete the sketch), yet still, those 16 minutes it took to sketch this out where a GOOD workout for my brain.
I'm going to try and make an effort to practice this style a bit more on the daily sketches. It's a great way to wake up and warm-up before jumping into more detailed work. And I'm seeing it helps keep things simple as you work as you set yourself into that "keep it simple" state of mind. Something I struggle with since I tend to over do it on certain scenes within a story.
But believe it or not, my goal is to one day have a simple clean, clutter free, smooth art style like this. Well, maybe I already have it, and I just need to expose it and use it more?
We'll see.

Wonder Woman is Copyright © DC Comics. Copyright © 2010 Eric Merced. All rights reserved. Contact for further inquiries.

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