Jun 18, 2010

I'm Back

I went back to the Hasidic section of Brooklyn. It is pretty clear that I am known there now. A lot of the same characters came out of the woodwork to greet me. It was the usual show with a million people stopping by to see my magic trick of turning a white piece of paper into a drawing. This building is a synagogue. Hasidic crowds were all over me. Kids stacked 5 deep. Everyone jostling for a view. It takes a toll on me but it is so crazy and surreal, I can't help but go there. This time everyone kept saying the word, shine. At one point I asked a kid what shine meant and he said it meant, "nice". My first yiddish. A bit later, a bunch of people were telling me how much they liked my drawing. I said, "shine". They all laughed. At another point I drew a woman who was standing in one of the windows. She was reading a book. The kids went crazy with laughter. A guy stopped by and told me I had to take the woman out of the sketch. I couldn't draw her on the sabbath. I could draw every part of the building but no people and especially not the book. Out of respect, I crosshatched it out. Everyone was happy except the kids. That was their favorite part. It was the usual, everyone wanting my phone number and asking when am I coming back. They all ask what building am I going to draw next. In fact, I've already spotted a couple.

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Tim Baron said...

beautiful work. nice story: )