Jul 12, 2010

Kid At Swimming Pool

Well, I was supposed to wait to post this on Friday for my Friday sketch thing I previously mentioned, but I can be somewhat impatient. Also, it doesn't make sense to wait till Friday to post a sketch when daily warm-up sketches are a part of my work routine. So, I'm going to dump the whole Friday sketch thing and just post like I normally do. Beats waiting around for Friday to post anything.
This was another idea suggested on Twitter for the Friday sketch. Kids at Swimming pool. I could have drawn lots of Kids at a swimming pool, but this is the image that popped in my head when I read the sketch suggestion. And I was going to add a caption, but I thought in the end it did not need one.
Sketched and inked in my sketchbook. Inked with my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.


Pocza said...

Be honest, was that you as a kid.lol

Eric Merced said...

How did you know? lol.