Jul 6, 2010

Wonder Woman's Makeover

My not so fantastic take on Jim Lee's Wonder Woman costume redesign.

This design definitely falls in my "you have to draw it to relly appreciate it" category of designs, of which Aqua Man and Green Lantern have been part of in the past. Generally, these are characters I was not interested in or thought their designs were not interesting enough, until I drew them. 

While I expressed my dislike for the new Wonder Woman custom, upon drawing her, I kind of began to like the new design. Although, from the very beginning, I did express that I loved the idea she was finally wearing pants. To me, it's never made since how comic book creators can put Woman out there to fight crime in underwear. Or even skirts. It's just not logical. So Wonder Woman's redesign really fits more into the "Amazon Princess Warrior" look then her old iconic costume does. And it's worked because, to be honest, I'm interested now to the point I may pick up a comic or two.

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