Jul 9, 2010

Yo, Adrien!

Of all the subjects I've had to draw, I never imagined Stallone would be one of them. But this was tons of fun to work on. This is a sketch card I drew as part of my art book promo going on here.

I've also bought a new sketch book and I already have plans to use it on the Blog. Every Friday I'm going to be posting a sketch from the book based on a topic I choose from my Twitter followers. Got Twitter and not following me yet? well, now's a good time to do so ;)

I've got a few great topics for the next few Friday's and hopefully this will be a fun project. I plan on doing 30 Fridays in a row and then, maybe a small printed collection, who knows. So that begins next Friday.

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Owen Schumacher said...

Great drawing! I love his eyes. I was infatuated with Rambo when I was a kid. Who'm I kidding? I'm still infatuated.