Aug 9, 2010

Chibi: Captain Marvel Vs. Black Adam!

I had TONS of fun with this Chibi commission. In part, because the Client gave me about 5 choices of characters fighting thier enemy to chose from, but mostly because one of the choices was Captain Marvel. I love Captain Marvel and I never skip out on an opportunity to draw him, especially in Chibi!
Another reason I had fun with this commission is because of my workflow. I sketched the entire thing in Sketchbook Pro, on my iPad. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, apart from the absence of pressure sensitivity (which, to be honest, I only need it when I'm inking in Manga Studio), it felt quite the same as sketching in Sketchbook pro on the iMac. In fact, it felt a bit better because I was able to zoom in and out with a pinch of my fingers.
Here's the sketch I did on the iPad

After I finished the sketch, I had to ink it to send the Client the original. So I exported the iPad sketch and turned it into Blue Lines in Sketchbook pro on my iMac, printed it out and inked it with my Brush pen. Bellow is the final inked result.

This was an extra. The Client only commissioned me for a black and white original Chibi drawing of the characters. But I was SO inspired (like I said, it was Captain Marvel), that I took the drawing back into my iPad to color it using Brushes. I didn't think it would actually work or come out good, but I was surprised with the end results.

Client turned out happy, I am happy, everything's great!
If you'd like a commission of your own, you can read details and very low pricing here!

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