Aug 30, 2010

Cleopatra Fan Art

I've been a fan of Mike Maihack's art for a long time. I simply am a sucker for beautifully drawn simple cartoon styles and that's exactly what you get with Mike's work. I was particularly excited when he announced he was going to start a new series based on his character Cleopatra. And ever since, I've had an itch to draw her. And so, a few days ago, during a black out that lasted one whole day and not being able to get any actual work done on Timeflyz, I decided to grab my iPad and fire up Sketchbook pro which resulted in a sketch of Cleo and Khensu. Of course, after the power was restored, I took this into Sketchbook pro on the Mac, tightened up the sketch and then inked it in Manga Studio EX.
While I hated the fact of not having power for an entire day, I can say that one of the good things to come of it was the fact I got the chance to draw Cleo. Thanks to Mike for posting this on the Cleo website and, if you've never heard of Mike or his web comic Cleopatra in Spaaace, then honestly, you need to start reading like, now!

iPad Sketchbook Pro sketch

Final Sketch


Pocza said...

HA! I like it more than the original!

Jeff said...

Nice! You know Mike's a member of SFG right?

Eric Merced said...

Thanks Drew.

Thanks Jeff. I have seen his art here on occasions :)