Sep 11, 2010

Casual Tweet

I love the iPad. No doubt about it. And since I've had it, I've found so many Apps that, to be honest, I did not think were available for the device. For example, I've found Vector apps like Illustrator (although, not as powerful given the device). And just last night, I stumbled upon another cool App called iFont Maker. As the title suggests, it's an app to create Fonts! Yup. Not as advanced as, say, Fontlab's powerhouse Typetool or Fontographer, but still, it's neat to be able to make fonts from your hand writing.


So what do I do with an app like this? What else. I created a fun font called Casual Tweet. It's my homage to Twitter.

You can preview and download the font here for both Mac OSX and Windows computers!

And if you're into it and have an iPad, you can get the iFontmaker app for the iPad here

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