Sep 7, 2010

the exquisite book


good morning! before we launch into regular columns today i wanted to take a second to send a HUGE “congrats!” to julia, matt and jenny at ALSO design on the release of their book, “the exquisite book“! over 100 artists contributed to the book in an ongoing piece that’s loosely based on the “exquisite corpse” game invented by the surrealists (meaning each one adds on to the previous artist’s drawing using a common horizon line). i’ve watched how hard julia, matt, and jenny have been working on this for a year now and i’m so impressed and so proud of their hard work. if you see a copy in a store near you be sure to check it out- the fold out pages are as fun to use as they are to see. click here to check out and order the book online. congrats, guys!

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Jessica Fortner said...

Looks awesome! Congrats!

Tomas Bjornsson said...

Wow! the top illustration is realy fantastic - so inspiring