Oct 25, 2010

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i had a, sadly rare, occurrence happen the other night where i spent time in the company of people i knew from my younger years.

a reunion guess.

it was random and we sat around and talked about nothing in true sienfield spirit, and at some point we degenerated into naming bands we liked still.

and then one of our group mentioned a band and the race was on...

it was a fast firing-round robin-hot potato-machine gun-paced game of: list bands you like before someone decides to take umbrage and then take the piss out of you for liking a band that sucks.

this was the result.
for more randomness like this by several contributing artists go to http://www.tdirl.blogspot.com/.
oh, and if you want to get in in the action, drop me a line and ill add you to the community.

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