Oct 11, 2010

Hip Hip Auray

One afternoon we visited the little port town of Auray. The tide rose 3 feet while I drew this. I'd never seen anything like it before. The boats were floating by the time I was finished. A drawing like this is tough to so. There are so many lines and ropes. Then there is the stone wall with all it's details. Usually I would do this in color. This way, things can get differentiated by colors. The stone wall is a brownish color. The boats were blue and white. There was no time, so I had to make it work in black and white. It was quite a struggle but I like the result. In this town, I had my favorite French meal. A ham sandwich. It is one slice of ham and only one slice of cheese with butter served on a baguette, period. A perfect sandwich. In America, we pile meat on a sandwich with lettuce and tomato until it is 7 inches tall with mayonnaise running out of the sides. You can't even get the disgusting thing into your mouth. No wonder everyone in America has a big fat ass. One slice is the way to go.
Check out this cool blog that did a story about me. It's called Illustration Pages.

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