Oct 14, 2010

Mont Saint Michel

In my opinion this is the best drawing I've ever done. Some of you may have heard of this place, it's called Mont Saint-Michel in France. It's a monastery built on a tiny island that you can only reach by driving on a single causeway over the water. It took over a thousand years to build. The reason we ended up there is because it has been a dream of my dad to go there. His father was wounded badly in World War One. He was transferred to France to recover from his wounds. His stay lasted many months. When he was better, he visited Mont Saint-Michel. My dad always remembers seeing the photos his dad took from there as a soldier. We spent 2 nights on the island itself. There are only a few hotels along the narrow medieval streets. Every major dignitary has stayed there. The reason my drawing is the best one I ever did is because every window, bush, tree and chimney are perfectly drawn. If you took a photo and superimposed it over my drawing you would see I nailed it. It took me 6 hours to do. Worth every second.

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