Feb 19, 2011

Superboy 2

I've been on a Superboy kick lately, thanks to Young Justice (the comic series). Last night I got some away time from the computer after finishing my weeks work, and decided to hop on the old drawing table and use the old pencil to draw something on paper for a change. The result was the younger version of Superboy.
I inked this with my Kuretake brush pen, which is a pure dream to use. And it really got me thinking more about changing up my work flow from all digital to a hybrid flow, where I would pencil digitally in Manga Studio, then print out my art as light blue lines (so they will be easier to get rid of in Photoshop after inking) and inking with brush and ink on paper. A lot of artists use this method and I've done it on occasions.
Penciling in Manga Studio (or digitally in general) would be a plus because of all the changes you can make in half the time to the structural drawing. All I need now is a big enough printer and scanner.

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