Apr 15, 2011

nerosunero reviewed by mocoloco

nerosunero reviewed by
April 5, 2011
Mario Sughi's subjects take a turn for the cool interiors of the gallery space and vastness of museums, where connoisseurs and the curious mingle, mindful of seeing and being seen. Enthusiasm is chilled on ice, as they come to make their deals or simply appear to be dealing with it all in such a world-weary way. Sunglasses, short skirts and suits: the obligatory attire makes those in less stand out for all the wrong reasons. Sughi's sharp, as usual, with work that is both hot and cool.

September 3, 2010
Do not be deceived by the saturated colours in Mario Sughi's latest illustrations, as they are but false promises of envy-provoking days, nights and lives. This playful (or is it cheeky?) portrait of a society that is not without temptation dazzles with its bight lights and sharp lines. The candy colours are a front for A New Sense of Emptiness, also the title of Sughi's upcoming exhibition. Sughi makes us want to buy into this, but lets us know there is no product behind the display.
November 5, 2009

The people in Mario Sughi's vivid illustrations seem to be living a technicolour, minimalist lifestyle. Evocative at times of David Hockney's work, these are images of consuming couples, sporty young people and languid moments. The leisure class is under Sughi's microscope and gets served back up to us in many different flavours. Sughi's style is saucy and leaves an undercurrent of mystery in the seemingly simple narrative under all those layers of colour.

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MoCo Loco (Dorval, Quebec, Canada, 5 XI 2009 - 5 IV 2011)

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