Jun 16, 2011

Editorial Illustration On Narcissism For Utne Reader Magazine

These were several editorial illustrations created for the May/June issue of UTNE Reader. They were done for a bunch of stories that revolved around the topic of narcissism.

Half page, opener for "The Culture of Narcissism" - playing off the idea of thinking you are the center of the universe.

"The Narcissism Myth" - this one revolves around the subject of young people and their need for outside validation (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) being rooted in their own insecurity.

"Just Do It" - the focus on this discussion was about self-improvement, self-help books, obsession with being the best we can be, and the power of positive thinking. More or less poking fun at this stuff.

"Whatever Happened to Empathy" - explored how much we've lost our ability to empathize with others, walk in other people's shoes, etc.

"Narcissus Regards a Book" - People want to read about themselves and what they're into, not great literature.

More editorial illustration by freelance illustrator Jesse Kuhn at rawtoastdesign.com

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BLDawley said...

This is all excellent. Love your stuff! Big fan of Raw Toast Design.