Jun 29, 2011

Super Alphabet... collected!

I finally finished all of the Super Alphabet. Now it is available as a T-Shirt on both "Zazzle" and "RedBubble" websites! There is also the first poster version available on "ImageKind" website. All of these versions have no background art to mess with the viewing of the letters but the next version of the poster and T-shirts will have full color backgrounds. I'm also working on backgrounds for each individual letter for the book version. Help out a fellow artist and leave comments on a site that you visit. Thank you in advance.


Tomas Bjornsson said...

Your alphabet is so cool, wild and crazy - Love it!!

Mike Cressy said...

Thank you very much Tomas! I just posted it as a book project on Kickstarter!
If you'd like to check it out, here's the link: