Sep 8, 2011

Absolut Vis10ns on Creative Review

ABSOLUT VIS10NS exhibition opened last night
and it will run for the next few days at the Laundry Room of South Studios, Dublin 8.
All the final bottles can also be seen on
Creative Review that today opened its blog with a full post about the entire project.
Creative Review (London, England, 8 IX 2011)

The event is curated by the Always Read the Small Print Agency
in occasion of the Absolut Fringe Festival under the great sponsorship of
Absolut Vodka
Participating artists:
Ben Newman (UK) / BRENB (IRL) / Celestine Cooney (IRL) / DALEK (USA) / Linda Brownlee (IRL) / nerosunero (ITA) / Niels Shoe Meulman (Netherlands) / Rinzen (Australia) / The London Police (UK)

Pictures from the 3 days workshops at:

nerosunero Absolut Vision Day 1/
nerosunero Absolut Vision Day 2/
nerosunero Absolut Vision Day 3/

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