Sep 21, 2011

Cicada Fever

Seoul Korea is like a subtropical climate in August. The sound of the cicadas rule the ears during the dog days of summer. Taking a walk in a park sounds like you are strolling through the amazon. At a party, some people were complaining that the cicada chirping has grown so loud in Seoul that it was interrupting their sleep patterns. I on the other hand dig the sound, especially in a city setting. Nature is brought so sharply into focus. Living in a concrete city, one often forgets about real nature. The cicada's singing is a nice reminder that we are invading their space. I read where the sound a cicada makes can be heard one mile away. One day I walked in the park that surrounds the Seoul Tower. It's located at the top of a small mountain. It took me three hours to get up and back. I was really able to concentrate on the music the cicadas were making. At points their sounds were very faint and calming. Eventually they would build to some crazy type of crescendo. Beyond loud. It was all very thrilling. I will have to wait until next year to experience it all over again.

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Great study... I have verrry Fond memories of Korea during that time of year...