Oct 18, 2011

31 Days of Halloween & Zombie Portraits!

Hi everyone! It's been quite a long time since last I posted here but I figured it was high time I shared what I've been up to (and am up to). I think I posted the illustrations I did this summer for a book on Gender Studies being published through UofT Press - if I didn't and people are interested please just let me know. In the meantime, it's October which means Halloween will soon be upon us once again and I for one am ecstatic! As always I'm doing my custom zombie portraits - for more information on those you can visit TheHorde's main page here. Here are two zombie portraits I just finished up - one for an editor at the Barrie Examiner (local paper) and one for the creator of the great website, Zombie Info.


In other news, I am once again doing my 31 Days of Halloween personal sketch-card series. For information on how to pick up one or more of these cards, I invite you to head on over to my blog! Sadly, I have fallen behind and am struggling to play catch-up but here's what I've got so far (October 1st - 7th):
Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent from the original Fright Night
Harold Ramis as Egon from Ghostbusters (SOLD!)
Bill Murray as Peter Venkman from Ghostbusters
Dan Aykroyd as Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters
Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman from American Psycho
Kurt Russell as RJ MacReady from The Thing
Michael Jackson from The Thriller
And, while you're waiting for me to post new cards, if anyone is interested, all of these fantastic cards are still left over from last year's 31 Days of Halloween!

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