Dec 8, 2011

Renton Rocks

My children and I started a fun rock painting project earlier this year. We decided to paint silly faces on rocks and leave them around our town for other people to find. We thought it would be cool to just spread a little random joy out in the world. Since I'm a Facebook user, I decided to document our project on the social networking site. We wrote the words "Renton Rocks on Facebook" on the bottom of the rocks hoping that it would inspire people to log on and tell us what they found and share pictures of their rock with us.
When we began doing this, we all thought that it would be a short lived activity. And then people started finding the site and participating in the project . There was a lot of really nice feedback from fans - insights into community and relationships and art were made that I hadn't even thought of.
Interest seemed to grow really rapidly and then the local news outlets got a hold of the story. We were featured in a couple of local papers and then one of Seattle's news shows came out to do a story on us. Here's a link for those interested. Here's another video of our painting process.
The rocks you see in this post are our latest additions to the project. It's interesting to me how this project has grown over the last year. It's really required me to keep at it with fresh ideas and themes. I'm not sure where this is going, but it's been a wonderful adventure so far!

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