Dec 3, 2011

Gnome for the Holidays

Gnome for the Holidays
Last year's Christmas card to friends and clients, used here to introduce myself.
Hi all, I'm Paul Zdepski! I'm new to the SFG list of illustrators. I'm not new in the sense that I've been around since dirt. I do mostly digital/analog fusion illustration with a Wacom Cintiq or my trusty Intos3 pad. my portfolio site is and my blog has tons of new and in-progress stuff. I teach design and webby stuff at Montgomery College and the University of Maryland University College in addition to everything else. I belong to the Illustrators Club of Washington DC, MD and VA, among other groups far and wide. I've been following SFG for ages, and now I'm glad to be included in the fun. Thanks to all!


artistaggie said...

Cute! Love the red and turquoise :-)

Juan Bauty said...

cute, and nice bicolor palette!