May 11, 2012

This is by no means a comprehensive product/app review, but i just got a Kindle Fire and quickly loaded it with Autodesk's SketchBook Mobile. Above is one of the first drawings that I did on the device in a style I use for my iStock illustrations. I wanted to see how it stacks up to my previous pen and paper approach. Right away I started experimenting with the layers feature and different textures. I also added color right away (something I usually save for AI Illustrator). Over all, I"m really impressed with the app's features and control system. I miss not having pressure sensitivity and instant line variation but am finding quick workarounds. The ability to create layers is awesome. After playtime, I exported a PSD and emailed it to myself (still trying to find a cord to connect the thing directly). It exported at 600 x 1024 with all the layers intact. Very nice.

Once in Photoshop, I realize that the resolution is a little lower than I like. I'll have to draw bigger and split things up into different files I think to achieve what I'm looking for, but most of my line work stood up well. I flattened the layers and then sent it over Illustrator for vector conversion. Here's where drawing bigger will work better. The lines and angles are a little more chunky than I like but with a few adjustments to my setting I get close to what I'm used to. Also the colors I used in Sketchbook confused the conversion process. After removing the color in Photoshop and reimporting, I was able to capture the line art more easily. After that it was back to my previous system of coloring.

Here are the results.

Let me know what you think. Do any of you use a tablet to create with? I'd be interested to hear about your set up and experiences.

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Albinal said...

Interesting post... and nice work! :-)