Sep 9, 2012

words are funny things

i have always found it interesting discovering the origins of words, when i was in highschool, i took french, i think that was the first time i really thought about the evolution of langauge. words, their roots, and their meanings.

the other night, while cleaning out the dvr i decided that re-watching the recorded episodes of raising hope from last season. as usual, at some point i forget that the episodes are recorded and wind up watching the commercials until i realized that i am an idiot and hit the skip button on the remote.

that night i heard a word that ive been hearing throw around a lot lately, adorkable.

my initial thought was: "yeah i get it, its a cute indie girl, the social or fashionally challenged misfit, that awkward beauty that i have historically found myself drawn to."

followed almost immeaditly by: "isnt one of the meaning for dork to... well, ill just say, have carnal relations?"

i looked it up later that night to be sure and confirmed that, among the many definations the term has amassed over the years, my second thought was not the product of some bad sector in my brain left over from my years of trying to render it useless with booze.

so yeah, as far as im concerned, either meaning works well.

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