Jan 28, 2013

Want To Be Interviewed Here at SFG? Let us know!

Yes, we want you and all your talented illustration goodness! 

The Benefits of being interviewed: 
1. You get to connect with your fan base and develop more relationships.
2. You get to expand your online presence by tapping into new audiences that you previously did not have exposure in.
3. You get to talk about yourself and what you do best in a down-to-earth way.
4. You get more exposure to your work, ideas, website, like pages, twitter pages and blogs to potential clients!
5. Free advertising for you! You get to be put in the spotlight and become worth talking about. Goodness knows we need to expose more talent plus as they say these days, good exposure is everything!
6. It's great for your promotions, newsletters, online content and artists cv. 

Let us know here over on Facebook! And, pass the sugary goodness on! 

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