Mar 16, 2013

Imaginary treasure map

Schatzkarte von Diana Koehne
Jottkah and I have a collaboration going on that we named "Samstag ist Badetag"*. Basically it goes like this: Each saturday we take turns making things letting ourselves get inspired by what the other did the saturday before.
The main reason behind this project is to stretch our minds and keep doing creative stuff just for the fun of it. And it definitely is a lot of fun although sometimes it takes really long to come up with a thought and since we don't have a joker that allows us to skip one saturday it can become kind of stressful every once in a while. However we have a whole week to recover from that stress and to look forward to what the other one will come up with next.

*Translated literally it would be something like "Saturday is bathing day".

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