Sep 17, 2013

How to make a itty bitty watercolor palette

Ultra Light watercolor travel set!  Can fit in your jean pocket!!
HE! HE!! Too much fun making this itty bitty watercolor palette.  Firstly, a little disclaimer, I didn't come up with this clever idea of making a miniature watercolor palette.  I saw my teacher, Glenn Vilppu using his little home-made watercolor palette, while we traveled in Europe.  It comes in real handy, especially in situation, when you feel like sketching, but don't want get too much attention or due to the nature of the events or location or dress code, it may not be appropriate to pull out a travel set (even though a travel set is quite compact). 
Long story short, for a girl who love to dress up in skimpy cute outfit, there are occasion that a travel set is still a bit too big to fit in my little purse.  So here we go, I decide to copy Glenn, and make my own little miniature watercolor set.  
So next time, when I go on a romantic dinner date with my boy, while he is busy web surfing on his iPhone ...
I can pull out my little watercolor set and paint!! AH! HAA!! 
So start with an empty Altoids can ... I try to eat the whole box of Altoids for the sake of making this palette.  Not a good idea ... at the end, I just toss the candy in another box, and give this tin can another mission. WOO HOO!!!
Get some Sculpey!
Start dividing the box with Sculpey.  Don't under estimate the size of this little tin can.
It can fit a 12 colors set easy!! 
WOO HOO!! 12 holes for 12 colors!!  Ready for baking!!  275 degree for about 15 mins!
Err ... yea, I burn it a little ... Oooh well ... Baking is not my talent *sigh*
Start filling my favorite common use color in the holes
HERE WE GO!!  It's done!!
Now I have watercolor set for in different size for different type of mischief adventures!! YAY!!

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Vern Mercado (2danimator) said...

Thanks Alina. Always love your watercolors. Maybe this will motivate me to watercolor again.