Sep 16, 2013

nerosunero reviewed by Mocoloco (Montreal Sept. 2013)

Girls and Landscape (On the road) by nerosunero (Mario Sughi)
by sabine7 / September 16, 2013

Fleeting glimpses of a summer just past is what Mario Sughi's latest body of work reveals to us.
Late walks on the beach speak of a sun no longer at its peak; long sleeves and darker colours creep in to the landscape; this could be the last chance to spend some time at an outdoor cafe.
The shadow of a dog on the beach is an especially nice touch.
The passage of time is tidily evoked by Sughi's palette, but at the same time something stronger is in the air: a sense of foreboding or danger is hinted at (sometimes broadly) in some of the pieces.
MoCo Loco (Montreal, Ca, 16 IX 2013)

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