Feb 5, 2014

Sneak teaser preview of Junganew

Here is a sneak teaser preview of one of the most exciting apps, I work on last year. The art work of this entire app is traditionally painted with watercolor and composited in Photoshop for animation and game interface development. I am very excited about this project, can't wait to see my watercolor illustration come to life with full interactivity and cut out animation style 

To follow the latest story of Junganew, here is the official sites:
and Tumblr:
Theo is an ambitious little frog who goes on a journey to learn Miss Snake’s favorite sound…”S”. Theo is fun loving and has lots of friends. Theo loves his saxophone, but not as much as he loves his Mama. He is always the optimist even when he realizes he has some challenges he needs to overcome in order to reach his goal for a special Show and Tell celebration.
Can you guess who this is? (Hint: She is related to Theo!)
Sal A. Mander is a super cool surfer dude who is Theo’s best friend. Sal is laid back and turns everything into a game. He lives at Sand Central Station where he has fun listening to seashells and playing Hide and Seek. Sal teaches Theo his sound at the beginning of the word.
Miss Snake is the teacher at Junganew Elementary School.  She is kind, sweet, and attentive to her students.  She gives an assignment for Show and Tell using her favorite sound of “S” and allows the children the freedom to be creative and express themselves!
 Ferris the Monkey is full of energy and fun. He absolutely loves his bananas giving him good, strong potassium levels. Ferris teaches Theo his sound at the end of the word through clues and rhymes as he is always “monkeying around”!