Mar 4, 2014

Junganew web-site is up!!

One of the most anticipated projects, I art direct last year is Junganew!!  They just launch the official web-site!!  Please check it out!! 

I am very excited about this project, because it's an interactive educational app with lots of interactive exercise, storytelling experience and cut-out style full animation.  I know ... I know ... you would ask, what's so special about all these!!  Every app out there have all these functions!!  That's what app is about!!  

BUT, here is the fun fact ...  all the artwork in Junganew are created traditionally watercolor on paper ... and YES!! You will get to see watercolor illustrated character with full lip-sync and cut out style animation!!  

Pickle - The Little Bird Who Doesn't Tweet - it's my first watercolor animation app.  The animation in that app is very limited, since I haven't quite figure out how far I can push the animation with watercolor on paper.  After Pickle, I worked on Junganew.  With the experience of Pickle, I now know the possibility of what I can do - almost EVERYTHING in Junganew is animatable with full inter-activities.  The design and planning process is challenging, but lots of fun!!  

I will slowly share some fun behind-the-scene stories about this project!!  

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Vern Mercado said...

Congrats Alina! Good luck.