Aug 26, 2009

My latest assignment: deadline 25.09.09 09AM

The client, a small newspaper in Norway wanted me to visualize their desire to faithfully stand up for their opinions at all times.
After some thinking I landed on the idea of this one person walking in the opposite direction to the rest of the crowd.
I often tend to use warm colors in my work, because I'm just a simple earth color liking guy.
When they first saw my illustration they really liked it. But after two hours when the the printing guys had seen it, they rang me and told me to change the colors to blue or green or something, because my red hues would not work well on rough newspaper! Just use the live color function in illustrator, they told me, and you'll do the makeover in no time.

It is probably something wrong with my illustrator skills, but I spent hours last night trying to make a decent change from warm to cool colors and I'm still not sure if it looks good or not. But I know that If they call me again to make more changes I'm going to do a Brad Holland. In one of his lectures he told us about an argue he once had with a client, and he finished his story by saying: "Finally we came to an agreement; I did not change the illustration and they did not print it".


Julie said...

Beautiful! Both of them. I like the original best. But if I saw it on newsprint I think I’d feel it was too subtle. The second one is definitely easier to “read”.

I only work in Photoshop. But that live color function makes me want to go out and buy Illustrator!

HabbenINK said...

Really dig it, especially the original.

HabbenINK said...
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C. A. Silbach said...

I also prefer the first one, although the second version is - as said before - easier to understand what is going on. I think you did a great job on both versions.

Bjorn M. Boge said...

Julie, Illustrator is a fun programme to work with. You should really try it if you have the chance!

And thank you guys for nice comments!!

Kobbungen said...

Hi Bjørn. Cool illustrations - again, my friend. Very nice work.

Bjorn M. Boge said...

Thank YOU man!