Aug 17, 2009

New Stuff, eh?

Well, I have to say, there's a bit of it (but for reasons that will be explained I can't post all of it). Sorry for my prolongued absence - it's been quite the busy summer. First thing I've got is one of the drawings I did at my table when I attended an Anime Festival in Oshawa, Ontario back in July. There are more over on my blog but, for now, here's a taste - Zombie Avatar!

Second, remember all those little drawings of zombies I posted a while back? Well, they are now available in MAGNET FORM!!! That's right, "theHorde" is all set and available for purchase. I don't really want to use this blog as an ad space so I'll just say, as always, you can find out more about theHorde over on my blog.

Third, as well as theHorde, my buddy and I have finally finished and printed volume one of Headshot! The Book of Awesome Zombie Goodness. Twenty-four pages of awesome zombie drawings is ALSO available for sale and they're going cheap! Check out my blog for more details or visit the Canadian Zombies website.

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