Sep 14, 2009

P for Pretty.... or Pink.

Thank you Jeff for the invite. This being my first post, here's a little bit about me.

Originally from Nottingham, but now living in London, I have been a full-time illustrator since September 2006 after graduating from University in Buckinghamshire, England.

My work has been described as retro-modern and has been influenced by mid-century illustrators and artists. I have recently completed work on an alphabet which I hope to get published as a book soon,

I hold my pen in a funny way, but it works just fine for me!


illustrations by doni said...

Owwww...this is very fun!
Welcome to SFG. Look forward to viewing your whole alphabet.

Julie said...

Great! Stylish! Love it! Welcome!

Paul Thurlby said...

Thank you both for the welcome, glad to be here!

jim bradshaw said...

Hey Paul. You have a great style. I think I've seen your stuff in 3x3 (not sure) but know I've seen it around somewhere. I'm glad you are here and look forward to seeing more. Welcome.

Amberbop said...

Love your look!

Paul Thurlby said...

Thanks Jim and Amber! My work is in 3x3, the Pro Show book.