Dec 15, 2009

Live Show Today: Details

EDIT: Time of live show on Ustream will be at 3:00PM (EST)

Hey everyone.

Well, I did a live show yesterday on my Ustream channel and I'm going to be doing it again today. I'll be working on my art live, for everyone to come and see and chat with me while I draw live. Did I mention it's live? Oh, okay. Well, I'll also be taking requests for commissions. Very cheap too. So not only can you get a commission from me, but you can watch me work on it, live. I did say that already right? Sorry. But hey, it's a really fun time to be had so come on and stop by. Even if you don't request a commission, stop by and chat a bit with me and the rest of my regular viewers.

The live show will be taking place on my Ustream channel here.
Start time (I will announce an actual start time later today so be on the look out for a new journal from me with link and time!).
Sketch cards, your character of choice, full color or black and white (also your choice)
$10.00 + $2.00 for shipping.
Payment and instructions:
Email me FIRST if you're interested in a commission so I can reserve a spot for you to work on the card in todays show.
Only Paypal. I'll send you an instruction email for payment once I confirm your spot.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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Eric Merced
Dreamer of Fantastical Things

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