Jul 10, 2010

Frank Rain Returns!

I've made it official after last nights post about my plans with my comic strip Frank Rain. While it's not going to be set as a daily or weekly comic, I will be working on new episodes on my free time from freelance and posting them as I finish them.

Expect to see the revamped Episode one of Frank Rain relaunching this Friday, July 16, 2010. The episodes will seem familiar to those who followed the web comic in it's original launch, but will notice a few things have changed.

For one, I've decided to change the feel of the story to make it more of a fun ride. All I can say is expect the comic to be a mixture of Blade Runner and Dick Tracy. Blade Runner in the set in the future sense and Dick Tracy in the fun knock 'em out odd ball villains kind sense.

I felt the direction I was headed in with the original launch was too serious for me and I want to have fun with the relaunch and hope you will enjoy all of the changes I have in store for "The Detective With a Metal Fist And a Whole Lot of Attitude!

If you're new to Frank Rain or returning, then you can catch the episodes here.


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