Jul 10, 2010

My Sister The Freak: The Comic Book

When Illustrator Dani Jones mentioned her plans to start a web comic, I was one of the many fan boys to quickly line up with excitement and anticipation to see what she would bring to the web comics table.
Once her comic, My Sister The Freak, launched, I was not only excited, but amazed at the beauty of the art and simplicity of the writing. Recently, Dani decided to print the first Chapter of her web comic. I was happy when the comic arrived at my door today.
I can honestly say, she has outdone herself once again. The comic collects the strips that appeared online and form Chapter 1, with a few pin-ups beautifully painted in the back. The design of the comic is incredibly beautiful and professionally designed. Her painted style art looks gorgeous translated from the screen to the printed page. This is a comic you can spend a few hours just drooling over the art. The writing is clear and simple. It's well written and flows from panel to panel and page to page. I was sad when I got to the end because I wanted to keep going. Well, fortunately for me, I CAN continue the story online.
I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of My Sister The Freak from Dani before she runs out. It's entirely worth it and I can't wait till she collects Chapter 2.
You can read My Sister The Freak Online here
You can order the comic here (As of this writing she has a limited amount of copies)